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Christmas and Chocolate: Indescribable

Book: Couture Chocolate
I just browse through this book and thought I shared some of my favorite recipes.  Happy Holidays ! If you'll like to print these recipes, just click on the green 'Print PDF' below this post.

don't ask me how to pronounce Molleaux Au Chocolate :) great desserts always have un-pronounceable name :)
Black Forest Milkshake - easy to make , easy to say
 Cherry compote is easy to make.
You'll need:
2 t pectin powder
1 oz caster sugar
1/4 cinnamon stick
7 oz cherries (fresh or frozen), stoned and roughly chopped
3.5 oz ready-made cherry puree

Mix pectin and sugar together in a bowl.
Put the cinnamon stick, chopped cherries and cherry puree in a saucepan and bring to boil.
Stir in the pectin and sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes over a low heat.  leave to cool.

Last but not least is my all time favorite: Tiramisu

If you like my post, you can down load it as PDF, just click the green 'Print PDF' button below this post.

{Birthday}: Romantic Castle Cake

Every little girls dreams of a magical fairy tale party.  Giselle was the princess on her 5th birthday.  To complete her fairy tale birthday, she wanted an enchanting castle cake in pink and purple.

Wilton has a Romantic Castle Cake set for $ 20.99 with 3 sizes of detailed turret towers and removable peak pieces, 6 lattice windows, a paneled door and main roof peak.  A very convenient set, I thought.  better than building the tower myself.

Without any planning whatsoever, I estimated no more than 2 hours to decorate the cake but I was so so wrong.  Even with 2 people working on it, we spent 7 hours to finish the cake.

Here's behind the scene story:
First we make the fondant flowers.
countless little and big flowers
While waiting for the flowers to dry up, we drilled a hole on each turret base to insert a bamboo stick.  Can you imagine putting these turrets on a cake without tipping it over? let alone transporting it to the party?
... disaster ...

Then we covered the peaks with fondant.

Gluing the flowers and adding leaf icing to windows, doors and turrets was the most time consuming process.

It was almost done ...  It looked good as it was ... but we felt something was missing.

The flags added the fullness and realness of the castle.  And off course the beautiful princesses.

I saw these adorable hats on etsy and I had to have it on the next princess party.

think PINK, eat PINK

This is my favorite post by far.  Not only pink, black and white are my favorite colors, but these pretty goodies represent our support for those men and women who are fighting cancer.  Yes, men can have breast cancer too.  For us who are perfectly healthy, let's cherish our live and never take it for granted.

If you love the packaging of these goodies as much as I do, you can download it free HERE

Types if Icing {by Wilton}

Here is another 'to-do' list I completed.  A chart of 'Wilton Types of Icing'.  This is one of my 'must keep' chart in my kitchen cabinet door, will it be yours?  Since the original size is too big for my blog width, just click on the chart and zoom in.

Decorating bag tips {by Wilton}

After two years or so, I finally able to scratch two items in my 'to-do' list.  One is to make one chart of all Wilton decorating bag tips and the other is to summarize all Wilton icings in one page.  I probably should do this earlier in favor of myself  :)  I spent about 5-10 minutes each time researching for the proper decorating tips to use and the right icing for the job.  I am glad the chart is done.  I hope the chart will be beneficial to you.

Since it's hard to read and see the entire tips, I have made a breakdown per tip kind.  Download HERE.

Above is the example of breakdown Wilton tips per tip kind.  Go to Simply Tale for all tips breakdown

Cendol {Traditional } drink

For the second time this week, I am making Indonesian drink/dessert.  It can be a dessert or just a drink.  It depends on how you eat the cendol.  I am too embarrassed to  share my cendol picture but I will share my recipe.

You'll need:
80 gr rice flour
20 gr tapioca starch
1 T slaked lime water
1 T pandan paste
500 ml coconut milk
Strainer - see picture
Mix all ingredients above and bring to boil.
Then follow the following step - see picture
Pictures taken from myasiankitchen blog
Put water and ice under the strainer

For syrup, you'll need:
Palm sugar
Coconut milk

Fancy way to serve cendol

Potato balls {TWISTed recipe} aka Kelepon

Yummy and Beautiful Kelepon, picture credit to Vie-08.
Some people call it Kelepon or Klepon.  It is a traditional Indonesian snack.  It was my favorite snack and only few shops made good kelepon.
It is very hard to make, especially with the 'traditional' recipe (without potato) ... my Kelepon uses a twisted recipe with potato.  It tastes better (I think) and the dough is easier to handle. One more, it is still moist the next day.

You'll need:
2 pounds steam potato, mashed
250 gr Tapioka starch
1/4 t salt

7 T Pandan water
2 T Slaked Lime water

100 gr Palm Sugar, shred
1 C shred coconut, steam with 1/4 t salt

  •  Boil water
  • Mix by hand mashed potato, Tapioka starch and salt
  • Add Pandan and Slaked Lime water
  • Keep on mixing until the dough is mixed well
  • Make a ball about 1 inch diameter, then flattened
  • Put some Palm sugar and close the dough to form a ball
  • Toss it into the boiling water
  • Continue until you finish with all the dough
  • The ball is ready when it floats.  Pick with fork and drain the water.  Try not to poke the ball like I did.
  • Roll ball into shred coconut
Note: if you unable to fill the ball with palm sugar, just make balls.  Then mix the palm sugar with coconut.

Here is my Kelepon picture.  It is  just perfect to consume but does not have the 'yummy' presentation at all.  You'll be the judge.

I failed to keep the sugar palm within the balls.

{DIY}: Feminine cake decor

This is a supplemental post of my blog post on about the Rosette swirl cake.   The idea was to imitate Donald Trump's wedding cake which decorated with hundreds of ivory butter cream icing roses.  I am sure some of you have the ability to imitate it if you have time to make the roses and transfer them to the cake.

Donald Trump's wedding cake
This Preston Baily DIY cake is just the perfect solution to imitate the individual rose.  It is simply easy to do or learn (for beginner) and the result is very rewarding.  This technique is called Rosette Swirl.

Preston Bailey Inspired DIY cake
Here is my experiment  with Rosette swirl on cupcakes,

I used 1M tip by Wilton.   The key is to Swirl from Inside Out and Don't overlap the icing .
Here's the demo video.

Good luck trying and creating a  fabulous cake for your event.

A sweet twist on a Tradition

Two weeks ago I was asked to make parcels for Man Yue.  What is Man Yue? It's the first month celebration of newborn.  This is a strong Chinese culture in which mom has to take 30 day home rest after giving birth (can't leave the house and has to be bundled up from head to toe, if possible not to wash hair too) and baby has to adjust itself to the new world.  Then at the end of the Man Yue, you suppose to celebrate.  People shave the baby hair and give regiment to make it grow thicker. The old folks keep the tradition alive with red eggs, home made glutinous rice and ang ku cake.  The young generation makes the tradition simpler with a quick order by phone or internet.

Here's my version of Man Yue parcel, a modernize of traditional culture.

by Twist n Swirl
from left to right: Cheesecake brownies swirl with origami sailboat and customized 3D duckling, Little booties made from tissue paper filled with sixlets, fondant carrot and turtle, red plastic eggs filled with kisses and sixlets wrapped elegantly with two tone tissue paper, chocolate label and plate menu made with AutoCAD
Cake style no. 1: butter cream icing with fondant decor
Cake style no. 2: all fondant
Cake style no. 3: butter cream icing with fondant mix

many hours later....walllahhhhh..20 cakes are ready to be boxed

Rn't you lucky to receive one of these? For sure I am one of the special one to be involved in this special celebration.

To prince Xander, happy 1 month old !  You are one lucky boy :)

Valentine's Day: {tea} for two

An afternoon tea with your love one on Valentine's Day while enjoying the sunset: A way to spoil her/him before the romantic dinner. 

Or it can be a simple but meaningful gift for parents or grandparents to let them know that you care about them.

Above: a mug with one tea bag enclosed with nice envelope served as card. 2 sets of rose shape napkins.  5 assorted mini goodies to accompany a cup of tea.

 Above: personalized tea bag card.

Valentine's Day: { Butterfly } Lollipop

I was planning to make simple cake pops for Valentine's.  But I was in the mood for something 'Semi Homemade' lately.
I don't remember what key word I typed on Google, but these Butterfly Lollipops caught my attention.
They are adorable and affordable for Valentine's giveaway: candy and card in one.  How cool can it be?
Just like cake pops, these butterflies make great favor and Valentine's Day card that anyone is sure to love!

photo credit to: Sheknows
Well I know these are cute for kids but if you upscale it a little bit by using different paper material/ pattern, and Rocher Ferrero instead of suckers, then we are talking here.    

Add personal flair with different color choices, glitter, or drawings.
You'll need: (make 4)
Colored paper or card-stock - 8.5"x11"
Wiggly eyes - 4 pairs
Lollipops - 4
Glitter/markers/stickers/crayons for decorating

1. Cut paper into 4 pieces (4.25"x5.5")
2. Fold paper into 2.
3. Draw butterfly wing as shown on picture.  For template, click HERE.
4. Cut out the butterfly and make slits for your lollipop.
5. Add some decorations and personal writings.
6. Insert lollipop and then glue wiggly eyes to the top of the lollipop.
7. Add a piece of tape to the back to keep the lollipop securely in place.

~ Happy Crafting ~

Brownies with decor

Brownies are so easy to make and rich in flavor.  You just need a bite to satisfy your sweet crave.  Brownies come in different style: cake-like, fudge, or just plain brownies.  People has gotten so creative in 'Pimp my Brownies'.

Here are mine,
sweet just with sprinkle of powdered sugar and a slice of strawberry
easy with a rainbow gummy

cute with M&M lady-beattle and a swirl of peanut butter

The best of the best CAKE POPS book

You all know who the Cake pop QUEEN is: Angie Dudley.   I fell in love the first time I saw her website and diligently visit her site for new ideas.  Her blog is so easy to follow and her pictures are so gorgeous.  On top of that, she is funny.  Here is Angie's book.

Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats
Cake pops by Bakerella

Now Wilton also has a book covering cake pop.  I just found out about less than 5 minutes ago :).  So many good pictures and amazing 'outside the box' idea, beyond the regular round shape cake pops.  If you are into cake pop like me, you have to have this book in your library.

Wilton Pops Sweets on a Stick Book, Softcover
POPS! sweets on a stick! by Wilton

Pudding Mousse Cake vs. Champagne Mousse - same different

I was in the mission to use leftover egg white I've had in the refrigerator.  The only thing that came across my mind was 'Kue Puding Busa' (translation: Pudding Mousse Cake).

First we need to make the chocolate sponge cake.  Here's the recipe:
4 eggs
7 T confectioner sugar
2/3 C self rising flour
2 t unsweetened cocoa
2 t melted butter

Pre-heat oven at 400 F
Beat with mixer eggs and sugars.
Add flour, cocoa and mix with spatula.
Add butter.
Bake for about 8 minutes or until springy.

To make the Pudding Mousse, you'll need:
2 egg whites
2-1/2 C milk
1 package Agar-Agar
3/4 C sugar
pinch of salt

Mix Agar-agar with 1/2 C milk.
Heat 2 C of milk.
When the milk is almost boiling, add sugar, salt and Agar-agar mix.
Bring to boil.
Meanwhile, beat egg whites with mixer until foamy.
Pour liquid into the egg and stir.

Then, I came across this recipe 'Champagne Mousse' which has friendlier ingredients from the book Chocolate (mini cookshelf) that I got when I was in college.   I just love the size, simple recipe and pictures in this book.  It was $2.99 back then and I just saw it used on Amazon for 2 cents :).  By the way, and the mousse is similar to Pudding Mousse.

Chocolate by Jacqueline Bellefontaine
 To make the Champagne Mousse, you'll need:
 2 egg whites
1 envelope gelatin
3 T water
1-1/4 C Champagne
1-1/4 C heavy cream
1/3 C confectioner sugar

Mix gelatin with water until spongy.
Place the mix in a bowl and place the bowl over a pan of hot water.
Stir until gelatin is dissolved.
Add champagne.
Whip the heavy cream.
Fold in the champagne mixture
Beat egg whites until foamy.
Add sugar and beat again.
Fold in the mixture.

To assemble:
Cut the cake with round cutter, or just simply square.
Place cake on the container base.
Pour the mousse over.
Refrigerate for 2 hours or so.

You can eat it plain or with fruit cocktails.

If you are adventurous, try this sauce.
We call it 'Fla'.  I think the texture is like eggnog.
1 egg yolk
1 C milk
sugar to taste
1/8-1/4 T corn flour dissolved in 1 T water

Mix egg with milk.
Heat it up.
Add sugar.
When the mix boils, add corn flour until desired thickness.
Let it cool and add rum.

Fla and pudding are my best friend.  I like to eat it with canned fruits and shaved ice.  And maybe add sweetened condensed milk and the rose flavor syrup.  This summer  will make it for sure.


This pancake is unusual.  It's the low calorie version of Terang Bulan aka Martabak Manis.

My favorite: Pancake with chocolate and cheese.