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Cendol {Traditional } drink

For the second time this week, I am making Indonesian drink/dessert.  It can be a dessert or just a drink.  It depends on how you eat the cendol.  I am too embarrassed to  share my cendol picture but I will share my recipe.

You'll need:
80 gr rice flour
20 gr tapioca starch
1 T slaked lime water
1 T pandan paste
500 ml coconut milk
Strainer - see picture
Mix all ingredients above and bring to boil.
Then follow the following step - see picture
Pictures taken from myasiankitchen blog
Put water and ice under the strainer

For syrup, you'll need:
Palm sugar
Coconut milk

Fancy way to serve cendol

Potato balls {TWISTed recipe} aka Kelepon

Yummy and Beautiful Kelepon, picture credit to Vie-08.
Some people call it Kelepon or Klepon.  It is a traditional Indonesian snack.  It was my favorite snack and only few shops made good kelepon.
It is very hard to make, especially with the 'traditional' recipe (without potato) ... my Kelepon uses a twisted recipe with potato.  It tastes better (I think) and the dough is easier to handle. One more, it is still moist the next day.

You'll need:
2 pounds steam potato, mashed
250 gr Tapioka starch
1/4 t salt

7 T Pandan water
2 T Slaked Lime water

100 gr Palm Sugar, shred
1 C shred coconut, steam with 1/4 t salt

  •  Boil water
  • Mix by hand mashed potato, Tapioka starch and salt
  • Add Pandan and Slaked Lime water
  • Keep on mixing until the dough is mixed well
  • Make a ball about 1 inch diameter, then flattened
  • Put some Palm sugar and close the dough to form a ball
  • Toss it into the boiling water
  • Continue until you finish with all the dough
  • The ball is ready when it floats.  Pick with fork and drain the water.  Try not to poke the ball like I did.
  • Roll ball into shred coconut
Note: if you unable to fill the ball with palm sugar, just make balls.  Then mix the palm sugar with coconut.

Here is my Kelepon picture.  It is  just perfect to consume but does not have the 'yummy' presentation at all.  You'll be the judge.

I failed to keep the sugar palm within the balls.

{DIY}: Feminine cake decor

This is a supplemental post of my blog post on about the Rosette swirl cake.   The idea was to imitate Donald Trump's wedding cake which decorated with hundreds of ivory butter cream icing roses.  I am sure some of you have the ability to imitate it if you have time to make the roses and transfer them to the cake.

Donald Trump's wedding cake
This Preston Baily DIY cake is just the perfect solution to imitate the individual rose.  It is simply easy to do or learn (for beginner) and the result is very rewarding.  This technique is called Rosette Swirl.

Preston Bailey Inspired DIY cake
Here is my experiment  with Rosette swirl on cupcakes,

I used 1M tip by Wilton.   The key is to Swirl from Inside Out and Don't overlap the icing .
Here's the demo video.

Good luck trying and creating a  fabulous cake for your event.