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An Affair to Remember

I have been MIA (missing in action) from blogging for awhile.  I have made so many goodies lately from wedding to Christmas themes.

I am presenting to you the non-Christmas goodies.
Please welcome ladies and gentlemen... the Lovely Newly Wed.  Tada ... drum roll, drum roll

Don't you think they look good together?.  I love the bride's wedding dress.  This was actually the dress I wanted to wear on my wedding day.  I saw this dress when I was in college worn by Kate Hudson on the red carpet.  The dress was all red, strapless and had one flower strap on one side.

Now that I am looking at it, I have another idea for the groom tux as well.  Other than dipping the sides into chocolate.  I would make diagonal lines on both sides in chocolate and still put the tux.  The bride's dress can be just diagonal lines in white.  Hmmmm I gotta try this, but for now enjoy more picture of them.

These cake-pops are perfect for wedding, anniversary or just any fancy affairs.  How about giving these for your prom date? or Valentine's?

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