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Red, yellow and blue

a little sweetness that brightened some people's life ...


This hydrangea is very easy to make.  You'll need:
  • icings - 2 colors.  (hint: Hydrangea comes in many color: white, green, pink, magenta, bluish, purplish)
  • tip # 2D
  • decorating bag
To make Sunflowers,  you'll need:
  • icings - preferably 2 color: yellow for the flower petals and green for leaf
  • Oreo - mini or regular size
  • tip # 67 for both flower petals and leaf
  • decorating bag

To make Roses, you'll need:
  • icing
  • tip # 104
  • decorating bag
I will soon post step by step pictures to make those flowers. Please come back :)

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