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Fantastic cupcake wrappers

A while ago, I was browsing the internet and found a website featuring incredibly cute cupcake wrappers.  I wanted to buy some but the shipping cost was pricey.  I wonder if I can make it myself with the help of cricut machine.  Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost my cricut software.

Lucky me, Jo-Ann was having a big sale on scarp-booking paper.  I got myself a bunch and my experiment began.  It was not as easy as tracing a cupcake liner into paper as I thought.  It required a lot of trial and errors.  Finally, I came up with the right rainbow pattern for a perfect regular size cupcake wrapper.

Regular size cupcake wrappers.  You may adjust the height accordingly.
I have no need of these cupcake wrappers at the moment so I made mine simple... just paper with scalloped edge.  To glue the end together I used clear tape.  I suggest you use a double sided tape for a cleaner look.

You can go fancy with it by adding ribbons or rhinestones.
You can use solid color paper and add-on stamps.

Wouldn't it be awesome to use newspaper or lunch brown bag?  maybe for Earth day cupcakes?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Here are the summary.  To make a cupcake wrapper, you'll need:
  • paper - plain or with pattern
  • double sided tape
  • craft scissors  - optional
  • add-on accessories, such as ribbons, rhinestones - optional
  • stamps - maybe
The most important thing is the 'Cupcake Wrapper' template, see below.

One 12"x12" scrapbook paper can make 5-6 cupcake wrappers.  Happy crafting !

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