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A friend of mine sent a bunch of cupcakes picture for my next project inspiration.  I found some I like and will make in near future.

Here are some...maybe you'll get inspired too.

 I might make this for Christmas.  Looks like a Christmas present if I change the color.

St. Patricks day?  A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How about this for Cowboy's theme?  I believe it is Saguaro cactus... (if my horticulture teacher see this, he'll be proud of has been 15 something years and I still remember my plant's name)

I love the teal / aqua / turquoise color with combination of dark chocolate.  Very pretty.  I wish one day I get that much cupcakes order.

These ones are just too cute.  So cute that I wanna keep them all.

Find your favorite so far?

More pictures ...

Dunno what these ones are?  Any guess?

How cool is this one: Fancy rainbow.  I wonder how to make it.  Do you know?

I just throw this picture because the bear is so adorable... makes me want to cuddle with him, her, or it?

so are you inspired yet?


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