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Cake pop Starter Kit

Here are the basic items you need to start a Cake Pop or Cupcake Bite.  I know some of you maybe hesitate to try making it yourself because of the materials involved.  Some craft stores out there do not carry some of the items needed.  Just to test the water you might be interested in getting this 'Starter Kit'.

The 'Starter Kit' consists of :
  • paramount crystals: a pinch
  • edible add-ons : 12 pinches of mini white pearls and assorted color M&M's
  • edible ink pen: black color
  • cookie cutter: flower shape
  • lollipop sticks: 12 - 4" sticks
  • candy mold: 1 sheet
  • toothpicks: 3 picks
  • wax paper: about 2' long
  • mini cupcakes wraps: 12 wraps
  • candy decorative plastic bags: 2 bags
  • pre-cut tag designs: assorted patterns, 12 pieces
Price: $ 15 plus $ 5 shipping fee.  (Ship within the US only).

If you would like to order, please email me at or call 909.263.2208. Pay by Paypal only.

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